This is an Alpha/Play test of a home-brew game system in a fully designed Setting.

character creation rules can be found Here, Please get with me so we can create your Character.

Check out the Maps of the Starting Region, More maps will be coming soon. I will also add a scale/grid to each map so you can determine distance.

The starting village will be Deshk, more information will be given to each player as we create their character, as well as some general information posted.

The system may be in testing, but the story and campaign will still continue even after the kinks/bugs are worked out.

Feel free to discuss game mechanics and give me feedback, suggestions and any other form of help you can.

We will be using the following programs to play:

Maptools (MapTool Version: 1.3.b87)
Ventrilo Use the Client that best suits your system
LogMeIn Hamachi choose the Unmanaged version.

login IPs and Passwords will be given out after everyone confirms they have got the programs. Please get these programs in advance, in case you need help setting them up.