Silver and Gold or most commonly used for foreign trade by the government, hence is the reason the weight is so much. This insures that the currency will be accepted due to the metals purity.

Tin and copper make bronze which is the most common metal used for tools and weapons (if your lucky enough to own or see such fine craftsmanship), due to this, these coins or only partially based off of the metal that gives it it’s name.

Iron coins are similarly minted down to be simple Iron coated ceramic pieces that are forged with imperial seals stamped into them; this allows the weight of the coin to be far less than it appears.

Currency Wt. Common Name Coin/Iron ratio
Tin 1/20 lbs Bits 100
Copper 1/20 lbs Cents 10
Iron 1/20 lbs Star 1
Silver 1/10 lbs Shine 1/10
Gold 1/10 lbs Krown 1/100


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