Entropy Rules

There is an exception to the casting duration rule. If a Mage wishes to speed things up and reduce the amount of time it would take him to cast a spell, then he may risk provoking what is known as Entropy.
For every Turn that the caster wishes to reduce the casting time of a spell by, the GM adds 1d10 to the Entropy roll; also, the higher a Mage’s Potency, the more damage he risks causing to the Weave (Half Potency, round down, minimum 1).
For example: a Mage casts a spell with a total casting cost of 6. He has only an Instinct of 3, so it would normally take him 2 turns to finish casting the spell. He decides that the spell is urgent and needs to be cast immediately, so he channels the power of the Weave through him with more force than he can usually muster. The GM rolls for Entropy, rolling 3d10. 2d10 for the Mage’s Potency of 4 + 1d10 for reducing the casting time by 1 turn.

Also, if a caster casts a spell that is obvious and/or impossible by the normal laws of reality, and that spell is witnessed by a Banali (a person who is not Awakened or Supernatural), the caster risks creating Entropy. The Banali would need to make a Willpower + Confidence check, with a threshold equal to the number of successes the Mage had on his spell casting roll ( so the better the spell was cast, the harder it is for the Banali to ignore it). If the Banali ignores the spell, or manages to pass the spell off as “something odd, but not impossible” then no Entropy modifiers are used. If the Banali witnesses the spell and deems it impossible, then the caster’s Base Entropy Dice would be rolled plus the number of successes the Banali had in addition to the threshold..
For example: A Mage casts a lightning bolt using Create + Air; however, it is a peaceful and sunny day, or the Mage is inside, a normal and non-awakened passerby happens to witness the Mage’s spell. The Banali rolls his Willpower + Confidence (2+2) and gets 1 success. The caster’s Lightning bolt had 2 successes when it was cast. The caster’s Potency is 3, so the GM rolls 2d10 (1d10 for the caster’s Sorcery and 1d10 because the Banali failed his roll by 1 success).

Entropy Roll Modifiers

Dice Modifier Situation
+1 Each Entropy roll after the first made for the same caster within a number of hours equal to his Potency. This bonus accumulates with each roll, so the third roll made for a mage, within the set time frame, has a +2 modifier.
–1 The mage uses a magical tool during casting
+2 One or more Banali witnesses the magic(Obvious magic only)
+1 For each Influence used after the first
+2 For Each Sphere used After the first
-1 For each extra Mana spent in the casting of the spell
+1 For each Turn the casting time is reduced by, due to Overcasting.

(The Names of the types of Entropy need to be changed, i am currently using WOD’s Paradox names and definitions, so please help)

Types of Entropy
Entropy is the destruction of the very fabric reality and is caused by the abuse of magic. There are five types of results that manifest themselves as a result of Entropy: Anomaly, Bedlam, Branding, Havoc and Manifestation. Anomaly is a type of Paradox where the local area around the caster is tainted by negative supernatural effects, most often by the imposition of a Supernal Realm. Bedlam is a type of Paradox where the caster suffers a derangement, worsened by susceptibility to certain magics. In some cases, the derangement might be contagious, affecting one or more other casters. Branding is a type of Paradox where the caster is inflicted with a supernatural physical disfigurement. Havoc is a type of Paradox where the caster loses control of his spell, causing it to affect a random target, and in some cases reverse the spell’s effect. Manifestation is a type of Paradox where a creature from the Abyss manifests within the caster’s vicinity.

Roll Results
(Entropy rolls do not benefit from the chance roll and the 10 again rules)

*Dire Blunder: The mage does not create Entropy and the next Entropy roll made for him does not suffer the usual, cumulative +1 dice modifier.
*Failure: The mage does not create Entropy.
*Success: Entropy occurs, regardless of the casting’s success or failure. The number of successes on the Entropy roll determines its severity.
*Triumph: GM does what he wants.

Successes Severity
1 Havoc
2 Bedlam
3 Anomaly
4 Branding
5+ Manifestation


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