Buy Attributes


Spend no more than 28 Build Points on Attributes. You do not have to spend every point – any points left over can be used later when buying perks.

MIGHT Strength Intellect Presence
TACT Agility Insight Charm
VITALITY Endurance Willpower Confidence
  • Distribute 28 Attribute Points among the Common Attribute Categories
  • The 1st rank in every Attribute is free.
  • The 2nd rank in any Attribute costs 1 Attribute Point.
  • The 3rd rank in any Attribute cost 1 additional Attribute Point.
  • The 4th rank in any Attribute cost 2 additional Attribute Point.
  • The 5th rank in any Attribute costs 2 additional Attribute Points.
  • The 6th rank in any Attribute costs 3 additional Attribute Points.
  • No Attribute can begin play above 6.
  • A 0 in an Attribute is reserved only for special situations and creatures
  • Skills cannot be used for any Attribute that is at 0.

The average human adult has roughly 2 to 4 ranks in each Attribute. Characters are designed to be above the “Norm”, even if they are not Supernatural.

Ex: A Strength of 3 costs 3 Attribute Points. An Agility of 5 costs 6 Attribute Points.

Buy Attributes

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