Buy Skills

Buying Skills

  • You have (Intellect x Insight) skill points to buy your skills
  • The 1st rank in any Skill costs 1 Skill Point
  • The 2nd rank in any Skill costs 2 additional Skill Point
  • The 3rd rank in any Skill costs 3 additional Skill Point
  • The 4th rank in any Skill costs 4 additional Skill Points
  • The 5th rank in any Skill costs 5 additional Skill Points.
  • No skill can begin play at 6
  • Only Guild Skills can begin play over 3

Ex: If a character had 5 Strength, 5 Agility, and 6 Endurance he would have 24 Skill points to spend on Physique Skills. If that character decided to buy the One-handed skill at 3 ranks, it would cost him 6 Skill Points, however having that skill at 5 ranks would cost 15 Skill Points; and would also require membership in a Guild that teaches this skill to their members.

Using the Skills

  • To make a Skill Check, Add your Skill Ranks to the Attribute being used. Roll this many D6’s
  • Most Skill Checks need a 4, 5 or 6 on a d6 to Succeed
  • A skill of 0 Ranks means that you need a 6 to succeed
  • Certain skills are so specific that untrained use reduces the Dice Pool by 3d6
  • Unless the Check is an opposed roll, you usually only need 1 Success
  • If the Check is an Opposed roll, you need to have more successes than the Opponent
  • Defender always wins if an opposed roll is a tie.
  • If you are not sure who the Defender is (as in opening locks or disabling traps) you are not it.

Descriptions (Needs work, but they are common sense for the most part.)

(Cm) = Combat Skill
(Ct) = Craft Skill
(Kn) = Knowledge Skill
(Mg) = Magic Skills

Sleight of Hand
Escape Artist
(Cm) Armor Use
(Cm) Marksman
(Cm) Exotic
(Cm) Lg 1-Hand
(Cm) Pole-Arms
(Cm) Sh 1-Hand
(Cm) 2-Handed
Disable Device
(Kn) Arcana
(Kn) Dungeon
(Kn) Engineer
(Kn) Geography
(Kn) History
(Kn) Local
(Kn) Nature
(Kn) Nobility
(Kn) Planes
(Kn) Religion
(Ct) Alchemy
(Ct) Artistry
(Ct) Carpentry
(Ct) Smithing
(Ct) Tailoring
(Ct) Tanning
Handle Animal
Sense Motive
(Mg) Channeling
(Mg) Estoaddon
(Mg) Lorenk’r
(Mg) Tetutakk
(Mg) Unweave

Buy Skills

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