Months and Years

Sedivorian Months Closest related Earth Month
Blue Dawn March
Long Days April
First High Ring May
Blue Passing June
Blue Fading July
Red Dawn August
Long Nights September
Second high Ring October
Red Passing November
Red Fading January

Each month consists of 5 weeks. These weeks are 6 days long.

Each day is named after one of the Great Deities.

Day’s order Deity Name of Day
Day 1 Chanta’Koi Lightday
Day 2 Avlantosia Guiday
Day 3 Estoaddon Wujday
Day 4 Lorenk’r Nezday
Day 5 Mercrislas Kenday
Day 6 Tetutakk Thwaday

Years are measured in a rotating calendar. Each year is given a name. Every 25 years marks the end of an era known as a Burst.

Ring Fury
Moon Contemplation
Weave Vengeance
Sun Slumber
Dragon Defiance

So, a Burst in this sense, comprises of 25 years, each year has a name given to itself depending upon when it occurs. Instead of saying, " the 3rd year of the 33rd Burst", people would say, “the 33rd Weave’s Fury”. it may sound awkward, but it’s their way of doing things. Usually the Bursts are counted from a specific major event, such as the Founding of their City-State, or from the Death of a Chief Judge/King.

The first day of every Blue Dawn is marked by the Sun reflecting a Brilliant Blue Hue across the sky. The Lights dance across the sky in a similar manner to the Northern lights. This light reflects off of the Ring that orbits Sedivore.

The 1st day of Blue Dawn of every Ring’s Fury, however, ripples outward and pulses throughout the sky. Comets streak across the sky.

Months and Years

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