Lift and Carry

Encumbrance Value = (Strength x Intellect) + (Agility + Endurance)

EV Encumbrance penalty
Up to EV no penalties
EV x 3 -1d10, +1 to all TN’s
EV x 4 -1d10, +2 to all TN’s
EV x 5 -2d10, -1 Stride, +2 to all TN’s
EV x 6 -2d10, -2 Stride, +3 to all TN’s

Encumbrance isn’t really about weight. The Encumbrance Value given to items is more of a combination of weight, size and other factors of mass. Carrying 50 pounds of small rings in a box is easier than carrying fifty 1 pound spears.

Certain bags and containers will increase your Encumbrance Limit by reducing the awkwardness of the load.

Lift and Carry

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